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History of our Company

The history of a company is always very closely connected to the life of the people who lead it. In 1982, Joan Radresa gave up his career as a watchmaker, in order to move into the world of luxury leather goods.

Joan’s early days in the world of luxury leather involved the development (production and distribution to wholesale) of the "Porsche Design" brand, with which he had great success from the very outset.

Joan’s lucky break occurred in 1985, when he became acquainted with Mr Enrique Loewe Knappe, who, since 1934, had presided over his family business, Loewe. He led the company for almost fifty years, and transformed the name - Loewe - into the only truly international Spanish brandname of its time. However, in 1983 with the nationalisation of Rumasa, an entity comprising over 600 companies, Mr Enrique Loewe Knappe was abruptly removed from the company that he had led with great skill and a steady hand, for almost half a century.

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Joan Radresa and Enrique Loewe Knappe – Offenbach 1987

Together, Mr Enrique Loewe Knappe and Joan Radresa started a commercial venture using the name of Mr Enrique Loewe Knappe as the official company name. They sold their products both to wholesalers, and in their own shops, and they quickly developed an important network of retailers overseas, especially in Japan.

In 1994 a controversial sentence by the Supreme Tribunal prevented them from continuing to use the name of Mr Loewe as a brand name, by giving to believe that they were jeopardising the interests of his former company (today compeletely owned by LVMH). This judgement abruptly ended the dream of a business that was already generating approximately 1000 million pesetas (current day value something over six million Euros), of which more than half was derived from exports to a dozen countries, and which already had four shops in Spain and several franchises overseas.

Mr Enrique Loewe Knappe, who then was more than 80 years old, finally retired for good, and Joan Radresa started a new business venture with the formation of the business BISCUTER. The name came from the idea that Joan Radresa had started his beginnings in the world of luxury leather under the name of a german car, and so now he would do the same thing again under the name of a Catalan vehicle, Biscuter.

Since its inception, Biscuter has benefited from everything which Joan Radresa learned and absorbed from all of his previous business ventures, and in particular everything he learned from working in partnership with one of the great leaders and patriarchs of the luxury leather goods industry.

This unique legacy manifests itself in a wealth of experience, which is of great benefit to the business, in some ways intangible, and yet of enormous value. The legacy continues its influence today, and is seen in Joan’s detailed technical knowledge, his industry experience and knowledge, and from his broad and deep commercial experience. Most of all, it manifests itself in his deep passion and instinctive feeling for the luxury leather goods business.

Today, sixteen years later, Biscuter offers a range of products of the highest quality of leather and craftmanship, which is comparable with any great brand, and which furthermore offers an outstanding price for such rare quality. The extraordinarily reasonable prices are a result of a very simplified business and management structure, which results in low overhead costs. In addition to this, Joan has a very clear business philosophy, namely that Biscuter is not trying to become a well known brand name, but rather wants to remain a boutique house creating products of outstanding quality, style, and functionality, made with the best materials, and with the finishing touches of a great brand house, all beautifully presented, and made with pride and love. However, there is absolutely no investment in marketing and publicity, and therefore costs can be kept to an absolute minimum, allowing Biscuter’s discerning clients to enjoy beauty and quality at a very reasonable price.

Biscuter sells its products exclusively from its boutique in Barcelona, Spain, Calle Santalo 83.